Parents and Families

Our School is noted for its family atmosphere, fostered by experienced and dedicated staff.

We enjoy a good relationship amongst ourselves and are equally supportive to our pupils and parents. The staff will try to be available for a chat when possible, but preferably at the end of the day.

When we welcome a child, we welcome a family.

  • Parents' Evenings are held three times a year. The first meeting, which is usually held early in the autumn, term gives parents an opportunity to discuss individual children with their new teachers. The second meeting, in the spring term allows parents to see their children's work and to discuss progress made during the year. We invite the child to the meeting, as it is their work, progress and behaviour, which are being discussed. A report on your child's progress will be sent home at the end of the summer term. Parents then have the opportunity to come in and discuss the report.. However if you are ever worried about any aspect of school you should contact us immediately. If you wish to see your child's work or consult the teacher at other times, please contact the office to make an appointment. This will ensure that the proper time may be given to deal with the matter. In the case of urgent matters, these will be dealt with at once.
  • Open weeks, workshops and parents meetings are held throughout the year to help you to support your child's learning and keep you informed. 
  • Parents are warmly invited to School Mass which is held on Thursdays at 9.00 a.m. (except for the 1st Thursday of every new half term).
  • Parents are invited in Reception to join their child for lunch. This initiative is well received by parents, who enjoy going back to school for an hour and see how their children enjoy their lunch hour.
  • Parents are warmly invited into Class Assemblies and Christmas productions
  • Parents are encouraged to support the Home/School Fundraising Committee who raise vital monies for school fund