The Governors and staff at SS. John and Monica’s Primary school recognize the importance of Early Years Education as the Foundation upon which children build the rest of their lives.

Early Years Education is concerned with the physical, social, and emotional, aesthetic and cognitive development of the individual, with no one area standing in isolation from the others. The Foundation Stage is like a jigsaw; each piece is equally important to complete the picture. 



The Foundation Stage Curriculum is divided into two parts;

  • Prime areas of development
  •  Specific areas of development.

The Prime Areas include:

  1. Personal, Emotional and Social Development
  2. Communication and Language
  3. Physical Development

The Specific Areas include:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Literacy
  3. Expressive Arts and Design
  4. The World



Each of the areas is divided into Developmental Bands that are age related 30-50 months and 40-60 months. In the Reception year all of the children fall within the bands 30-50 months 0r 40-60 months.

Within the bands we assess the children as emerging in competency, developing in competency or secure in competency.

Children assessed as secure in the 40-60 months are said to have achieved the Early Learning Goals and are at the required or average level of attainment for the end of the Reception Year.


At SS John and Monica’s Primary school it is our primary aim to ensure that children in the Foundation Stage Reception class feel happy, safe and secure.

 We have high expectations for all our children. We meet, discuss and plan to ensure that all children reach their full potential and make progress.

We aim to provide an interesting and creative environment through practical activities, enquiry and purposeful play.

We aim to provide a learning environment where the children are given the time to listen, talk and reflect.

At SS John and Monica’s school we provide a rich learning environment beyond the classroom, with the Reception class children attending our Forest School and having access to our outdoor classroom.

We aim where every possible to use our outdoor learning area to provide the children with a rich and varied learning opportunities planned to reinforce and extend the learning in the classroom.

We aim to foster and establish good home school links and support parents and children with their transition from several local nurseries.

At SS John and Monica’s Primary school it is the responsibility  of the Reception  Class teacher  and the teaching assistants in conjunction with the Head Teacher and Early Years Senior leader to provide a curriculum that takes into account the ability of every child and has an impact on their learning and development.

To achieve this staff follow the Development Matters Prime and Specific areas of learning and the Strands of the New Primary Framework for Literacy and Mathematics. When necessary staff will also use the P-scales to assess and plan and also the SEN continuum to meet the needs of individual children.

Early Years Foundation Stage