Aims and Core Values

  • To develop a Christ-centred community in which the Catholic Faith is nurtured and where a knowledge of and respect for other world religions is fostered.
  • To establish an environment and ethos (clearly understood values and attitudes) within which individual children may develop their own potential for the benefit of themselves and the rest of society.
  • To enable children to acquire the basic skills of literacy, oracy and numeracy.
  • To enlarge a child's knowledge, experience and imaginative understanding and thus enhance his/her awareness of moral values and capacity for enjoyment.
  • To develop in children the ability to make reasoned judgements and choices based on the interpretation and evaluation of relevant information, e.g. to develop a critical and discriminating attitude towards the mass media.
  • To help children to appreciate human achievements in art, music, science, technology and literature
  • To deliver a high standard of education to all pupils guided by the school Mission Statement and in line with Local Authority and National Curriculum statements.
  • To Care for Pupils and staff