School Discipline

The school follows the discipline policy of the Birmingham L.A. The cooperation and support of parents is considered to be essential in the maintenance of good order within the school. A parent may be sent for if the behaviour of a child is thought to be totally inappropriate.

Behaviour Policy

We believe it is essential that SS John and Monica's School be first and foremost a place of justice and peace. This philosophy underpins every aspect of our school life, and is evident in our dealings with each other, the curriculum we present to our children and the ways in which we deliver that curriculum. We are not a Catholic school in name only. Our very ethos proclaims our Christianity, and our attitudes and dealings with everyone connected with school life reflects the teachings of Christ.

Our behaviour policy is aimed at helping every member of our school community to fulfil their potential. It intends to help create and maintain a happy, caring environment where people can work and play in safety. It aims to promote good effort and behaviour, building self-esteem and encouraging self-discipline. It should also provide a support for those children who find self-discipline more difficult to maintain. A whole school approach to the management of pupil behaviour demands a team effort by all members of the staff, teaching and nonteaching staff alike, where staff are supported and supportive to each other. Adults and children alike must be aware of their individual and collective responsibility to the smooth running of the school.

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