Illness or Accident at School

In the event of a child needing to go home due to an illness or accident, the parents will be contacted. For this reason - it is essential that we are kept informed of any change of contact number/address etc. Three emergency contact numbers are required.

Medical / Dental Visits

School should be informed in advance when a child will be attending a medical appointment (appointment card/letter is needed). Please report to the School Office before collecting your child.

NO CHILD may leave the school premises during the day unless an adult accompanies them.


Following 2014 Governmental guidance in the document "Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions", SS John & Monica's will do everything it can to support accessibility for pupils who need medication during the school day. Medicine required to maintain life will always be allowed on site and a care plan will be devised. Medicines that are non emergency will be discussed on a case by case basis to suit the medical needs of the child and the ease of administration for the parent. Staff do not routinely give medication in school and parents who request this will have to complete paperwork giving consent.

Under no circumstances should you send your child in to school with medication in their bags.

If your child has asthma and has a prescribed inhaler from your GP you should ensure that they have a spare one that can be kept in school. It should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and expiry date. Each class has a box with asthma and Epi-pen medication which will be accessible to your child at all times. It is a parent’s responsibility to check expiry dates. 

Money into School

All monies such as dinner money, trips, school fund etc should be paid on line via the following link:


Personal Items in School

PLEASE NOTE: Please DO NOT allow children to bring toys, mobile phones (Y6 only with prior permission for those walking home alone) or games to school - these may become lost or broken and the school can take no responsibility for their safety.

Early Collection

Only in exceptional circumstances should parents asked for their child/ren to collect their children early from school. It will be the Head Teacher's discretion as to whether this will be authorised.