At SS John & Monica’s we have an active School Council. It is made up of a group of pupils from Year 1 – Year 6 who are elected by the children in their class to represent them. Their main aim is to make improvements to the school by listening to the children in their class and sharing those ideas with Mrs Elliott.

The School council gives pupils many skills and opportunities to explore the adult world…they learn to listen well, take notes, take part in meetings, debate issues, think about budgets and prioritising spending, feeding back information to their classes, meeting with the Head and overseeing projects.

The oldest pupils in the School Council are given Officer roles in the team. The Chair person leads the meetings and plans the agenda. The Vice Chair supports the Chair and helps them to run the meetings. The Secretaries take the notes at the meetings and advertise new meetings. The treasurer helps look after the School Council Project budget and advises the Head Teacher on the best ideas from the team.

Our School Council meets every month and we will add notes to this page after every meeting to say what we have done.

This year we are looking to the School Council to gather and share ideas about how to develop our prayer garden.