ECO Team

At SS John & Monica’s we take our responsibilities to the environment very seriously. Our eco team are pupils from Year 1 – Year 6, two children from each class who are elected by their friends. They meet regularly to discuss issues that affect the school and community and to think of ideas that we can try at school to make things better.

In our school we have been thinking about these 9 eco areas:

  • Transport
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Litter
  • School Grounds
  • Healthy Living
  • Energy
  • Biodiversity
  • Global Dimension

The team asked their classes for ideas about how we could learn about these issues and what we could do to make sure SS John & Monica RC Primary School is having an impact. The team have written an action plan to show what we will do. It is on display in school for anyone to read.

We are an eco school. We have already been awarded the Bronze eco school award for our projects in helping children to remember to reduce, reuse and recycle. We have just been awarded the Silver Eco Schools Award. The eco team have prioritised which parts of the action plan need to be done to help us get the next Gold award and our big plan is to create an organic garden. The children already have a developing compost area...

Our Forest Classroom and Library is amazing at the entrance to our wooded land.

Over the next year we will be working with our partner schools in Sweden on a project to learn more about sorting and recycling objects to help save the planets resources. We will put photos on this page as we do this work!

We have also been given the Basic 21 award for meeting the basic standards of sustainability in Birmingham. The eco team attended an award ceremony in Birmingham where they met the Lord Mayor of Birmingham.

Each class has a light monitor and a tap monitor who make sure that these precious resources are not wasted. There is a litter squad who try to help us keep the school grounds tidy. We got the Litter Charter Award for keeping our grounds tidy.

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