There are seven classes in the school, arranged in two key stages, each with its own Key Stage Leader.

Key Stage 1
Class R Miss C Pratty
Class 1 Miss R Millar
Class 2 Miss H Geoghegan
Key Stage 2
Class 3 Miss G Hodgkinson
Class 4 Mr M Hawker
Class 5 Mrs S Gray/Mrs H Mackay
Class 6 Mr A Ullah/Mrs C Jena

Support Staff is comprised of: 

Mrs C Morgan

Miss C McKeown

Mrs L Hodges

Mrs T Ali

Miss L Hill


Each classroom has been fitted with an interactive whiteboard. There is a purpose-built ICT suite for whole class computer use. In addition, we have a set of 15 IPads per class.

The children are entitled to an education that incorporates the National Curriculum and it is taught in a way that they can understand either through activity, exploring, talking, playing, working or investigating.

Each term parents receive a letter describing what work area their child’s class will follow for that term.

Please click on the following links to get further information about the National Curriculum and Early Years Curriculum our school is following:

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